Critical Security Policies You Should Enforce

Password managers Most users cannot remember complex or multiple passwords. As a result, we find most people will use weak passwords, and tend to reuse that weak password across multiple accounts. If one account is compromised, this could easily lead to complete compromise of all online accounts. By using a password manager such as KeePass, […]

You are your biggest Security risk

You are your biggest security risk You. Yes, you. Not your A/V software. Not your bank, not your job, not your email provider. YOU are the biggest risk to your security. Almost all of us use some form of Social media, and almost all of us have put too much information on social media platforms. […]

Stockfolio trades HDD space for your information

A new Trojan has been identified by Trend Micro, Trojan.MacOS.GMERA, posing as Stockfolio, a Mac based trading app.  The app contains shell scripts that allow it to perform various malicious activities. Two samples have been discovered so far. The first sample is a ZIP archive containing an app bundle and a hidden encrypted file. The […]

Lloyds Bank and “The Rat”

Lloyds Bank has a new trick up its sleeve. Dubbed “The Rat”, Lloyds has revealed a new, high-tech defense system that attempts to detect fraudsters before they have a chance to stop. It’s saved 2,000 customers so far. The technology looks for signs of unusual and suspect behavior when a user logs into Lloyd’s banking […]

FICO introduces Falcon X

Fraud and financial crimes will become a bit more difficult soon thanks to a new platform from FICO called “Falcon X”. Falcon X will run on AWS and streamline both fraud detection and AML processes. FICO Falcon X is available now to financial institutions around the world, as well as other organizations that must comply […]

Best Security Practices for a Corporate Employee

So, you’ve heard about all of the recent breaches and don’t want to be the one who causes the next. Hopefully what you learn here today will help you achieve that goal. Applying best security practices isn’t difficult, it just takes a little thought and effort. Passwords Passwords aren’t tricky. The more complex, the less […]