Stockfolio trades HDD space for your information

A new Trojan has been identified by Trend Micro, Trojan.MacOS.GMERA, posing as Stockfolio, a Mac based trading app.  The app contains shell scripts that allow it to perform various malicious activities. Two samples have been discovered so far. The first sample is a ZIP archive containing an app bundle and a hidden encrypted file. The […]

Lloyds Bank and “The Rat”

Lloyds Bank has a new trick up its sleeve. Dubbed “The Rat”, Lloyds has revealed a new, high-tech defense system that attempts to detect fraudsters before they have a chance to stop. It’s saved 2,000 customers so far. The technology looks for signs of unusual and suspect behavior when a user logs into Lloyd’s banking […]

FICO introduces Falcon X

Fraud and financial crimes will become a bit more difficult soon thanks to a new platform from FICO called “Falcon X”. Falcon X will run on AWS and streamline both fraud detection and AML processes. FICO Falcon X is available now to financial institutions around the world, as well as other organizations that must comply […]